Happy Buyers

Letters from Past Puppy Buyers

I have more pictures of past puppies that my puppy buyer has shared with me on the Brag Page.
I have some of the best puppy buyers ever.... not only do they give the puppies a great home and make them part of their family but they still share the joy the puppies continue to bring to their lives. Many of these buyers have sent me letters I have noted parents with the photos below if you would like to read them. You can see why I love doing what I do.... it brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart when I read them I hope it will you too.

20221114_171107 Cindy boys

Greetings Koni,

I wanted to let you know that things are going superbly at my house. Zydeco passed his physical with our vet with flying colors and lots of praise. No surprise there!

He is such a smart little guy: he has adapted to Tango, and Tango has really seemed to enjoy having a little "brother" around. Zydeco figured out the dog door today and boy did it expand his universe! He and Tango play and play; he is learning sit, touch, and recall. Both he and Tango are getting a lot of treats (really, doggy kibble by another name).

Zydeco has been very ready to adapt to a new home, thanks to the start that you gave him. I am very appreciative of how you breed and raise these pups. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


image0 (3) Aaron

Hey there! I hope you have been well :). Wanted to send an update on Acorn! She is the absolute best. So smart and so well behaved. I love her to death and am SO HAPPY I made the decision to add a pup to my life. Thank you again so much for letting me have that opportunity. Here is a pic of acorn on a camping trip we took this week. She LOVES the outdoors. We go on hikes and camping trips almost weekly and she is the best hiking companion. I have quite a few more pics I want to send over so you can see how she is doing. I will do that shortly when home but wanted to share this one now. She is a model! Haha.
Thank you again, Aaron Steed

Hi Koni,

It looks like you have your hands full with all the puppies you currently have! I just wanted to send a few updated pictures of Rye from Sandy and Roosters litter. We are absolutely in love and she is the perfect addition to our family. Her green eye has stayed green so far and is so unique, she gets a lot of compliments! She loves people, kids, and zoomies. She is super sassy (most likely from being spoiled haha) but also the sweetest pup we’ve ever met. Our 6-year-old Aussie, Charlie adores her, and she to him as well. They are the best of friends and inseparable! It’s crazy how quickly she is growing. Thank you again! I will continue to send pictures from time to time as a proud dog mom 😊
Madalyn Winner

Sage is the one on the left Kai is the one on the right

She's now 3 1/2 months old and I'm writing to sing her praises.  What a charmer!  Warm and cuddly and bursting with energy.  Sage took over the mother's job on day one.   the two of them keep me smiling all day long.

You give your puppies such a good start!  They already know the dog door.  At 8 weeks Kia already knew how to sit, and knows when that was required.  Is that your early training or her good instincts?

Kia grows so fast I can almost watch it happen - she weighed in at 14 pounds just last week and is just under Sage's height already.    I can't thank you enough for letting me have two such wonderful doggies.  And will praise your kennel - and you - to the skies.

Warm regards,

Eva Sage daughter Venus and Gio

Kia daughter of Sandy and Sam-  03-22

Hi Koni! I hope your year is starting off well. I wanted to give you a quick update on Willow. She is doing awesome and still growing. Her and I have become good buddies and enjoy getting outside for walks, even in the snow. She's very observant and is getting more curious about the world. She's very well behaved at home and I'm working to be consistent with obedience training, she's very smart!

All the best,
Tracey and Willow 
Daughter of Tilly Kit 1-2022

Hello Koni,

Update from me and my beautiful baby girl, Rion.. she's now 8mo old and just a total nut, absolute sweetheart and about as loving as a puppy companion can be. She loves the recent snow, runs laps around the yard but comes right in to greet with loves and snuggles. Her personality is about as perfect as you could ever hope for, and with no formal obedience training aside from the in-home training and socialization. These pups are so smart!! I've included a few pictures of the "cousins" playing together, Rion the puppy, then my parent's pups also from your family, Riley the middle girl, and Ukiah. They have SO much fun together.

Hope you're doing well!!

- Sean
Daughter of  Sandy Kit 1-2022

Hi Koni,

Just wanted to send you an update on Telluride (Telli). Meant to send you an update a few days ago but we've been so busy having too much fun!

She is perfect and I love her so much! She has the sweetest personality and is so smart. She's mastered a few tricks (sit, high five, touch, lay down, roll over) and we're always working on more. She loves to play and run around the yard with our dachshund. She is truly my best friend and I can't thank you enough for bringing her into my life!

Thank you again!

Aspen King

Daughter of Tottie and Kit     7-2021

Dear Koni,
I want to send you our deepest thanks for our little Rugby. She came to us clean, well socialized, confident, and smart. She has the perfect balance of wanting to cuddle and also wanting to be independent. Her coloring is just adorable--the perfect tri! On her first day home, she already knew how to use the doggie door, and in less than two weeks she is potty trained! In fact, she never had a messy accident in the house. We are so spoiled! She fits right in with our family and we can't wait to take her on adventures when she gets all of her vaccinations. The care you give to the puppies shows in their wonderful personalities. Thank you so much for this incredible angel. We adore her! And that hanging toy idea was the best-thank you!!
Take care,
Christy, Jackson, Ry, and Rugby

Daughter of Pearl and Kit 05‑2020

Hi Koni!
We hope everything is going well with you and Dan.  I wanted to send you an update and some pics of our Aussie Pack.
Lola (Blue Merle) is the daughter of Paisley and Jagger.  She is 19 months old and is our pack leader!  Her favorite activity is to chase the ball.  She is 15 inches and around 28lbs.  She is very sweet and loves to cuddle.
Rosie (Red Tri) is the daughter of Candy and Jagger.  She is also 19 months old.  She loves to sit on my lap in the evenings. Rose is a more serious and she likes to keep everyone in order.  This includes letting me know when I should be getting my pajamas on and going to bed!  Lol!  She has a thicker build and a coat of fur to die for!  She's 15 inches and 32 lbs.
Remington (Black Tri) is 8 months and son of Pearl and Charlie.  He has such a "BIG"personality.  He LOVES people and at the dog parks he goes up to everyone.  He thinks he's quite the celebrity.  He thinks that everyone who comes to the house or who is at the dog park,  is there just to see him!  He is so goofy and happy!  He smiles all the time.  He started out tiny, but not anymore!  He is now 15 inches and 22lbs!
By the way!!!  Did you sell us herding dogs or water dogs!  Lol!  They all love the water and we take them to the lake, (which has an off-leash dog park) almost every day! They are great socially and get along with other dogs, as you'll see in one of the videos.  I have included videos and some pics for you to see.  Thank you for a great Aussie Pack!

Hi Koni!
Just wanted to send an update on our amazing puppies! They are doing great! They graduated puppy kindergarten and were the stars of the class. The trainer says they are the smartest puppies and she's never seen dogs this age that have such a great "come" command. They love to run, play fetch, and do dog puzzle games. They know sit, down, stay, settle, got to your mat, high five, come, and leave it! They even ring the bells on our door to go outside to do their business and play. At their 12 weeks, Vet visit Lola weighed 8.8 lbs and Rosie 7.6lbs. At night they cozy in with us and sleep in the bed! Thank you for being such a great breeder! We love our girls!
Carrie Aoyagi and Family
Lola (Blue Merle) Paisley and Jagger's litter
Rosie (Tri) Candy and Jagger's litter


Hi Koni

Just wanted to touch base and wish you and your husband a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Attached is a recent pic of Eilis. Hope you enjoy it. She sure loves to play ball! She is definitely a character! Not sure if she takes after her mom or dad in that regard...lol. We just love her so much! Can't imagine our lives without her! I would be honored for you to share our baby girl with others!
Joyce Curley
Daughter of Penny & Gio 12‑19


Hi Koni. I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful puppy Waylon. You knew him as S1. His parents are Sadie and Coty. Waylon has been such a wonderful dog already. He was fully potty trained within a month and half of bringing him home. He went on his first camping trip after only being with us for 5 days. He loves to go UTV riding, boating, and camping with the family. He is super smart. He knows sit, stay, lay down, roll over, drop it, leave it, wait, heel, shake, and high five. He is great on the leash as well.

He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is about 5 1/2 months old and weighs 20 lbs. I am not sure how much bigger he will get, but right now, he is adorable. He is a little taller than the cats. In a couple of weeks, he will be getting neutered.

I cannot thank you enough for raising such an amazing puppy. You are an awesome breeder. The entire experience with you has been impressive. Waylon is healthy and happy and is living a great life with my family. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Richelle Finch
Son of Coty and Sadie 10-19


Jasper is 6 months old now, and what a lively addition to our family! As you can see, he loves stuffed toys, but chewing sticks is also fun.
He is very social, and absolutely loves playing with the grandkids and the cat, and is a frequent shadow to our other dog, Cooper. Jasper runs laps in our yard and loves to play with others at the dog park. He loved to play in the snow and doesn't mind the rain at all. He is a large mini-Aussie--we are hoping he stops at his current 19 inches tall.
Being dog door trained when he came home was a great help, and house training usually went well, and we appreciate all the work you do with the puppies.
Take care--
Marty and Carolyn Jones
Son of Dally and Stetson 7‑19

Hi Koni,
I have been meaning for quite a while to send you some photos of the mini Aussie pup we got from you last November. His name is Rico (don't think we had a name picked out when we got him); he's now still only 20 lbs - guess he'll top out around there. Very good dog, still quite mellow, not "hyper" as some Aussies are reputed to be. He goes trail running with us several times per week, has even been skiing, and climbed a mountain (see photo). Have not yet had him neutered, looking into that now that he's 9 months old.
I hope all's well with you! How many Aussies are at your place now?
thank you,  Peter Riley
(Boulder, CO)    Son of Sadie and Coty 6-19

Bandit and Rocket are sure growing fast. The kids just love running around and playing with them and they just love any attention they get. At almost a month into having them our command list is sitting, shake, high five, lay, crawl, come, heel, stay, wait and leave it. They sure do fit in well here. Hope all is well with you guys,

Rocket is the son of Tilly and Coty & Bandit is the son of Macy and Stetson


Hi koni,
It's only been a few weeks since I took Freddie home and I'm amazed by him every day!
Although I hadn't planned on taking him to work with me, my coworkers at the doctor's office all love having him and now he's going to work with me most days 🙂
He is so smart, loves learning, and loves to retrieve. Can't say enough good things about him. Thank you!
I hope you enjoy the photos...especially the one of him sleeping on top of Theo my 3-year-old boy.
Amy Silverman
Son of Venus and Coty

Hi Koni!

I wanted to send you a pic of my girl Haddie and let you know she is doing amazing and is so loved. Someday we are going to get her a little sis or bro from one of your future litters but for right now she's having a blast with her tiny humans 🙂

Thanks for all you do. Haddie is wonderful.

Daughter of Penny and Giovane 10-18


Hi Koni,

I hope you and Dan are well. I think of you often and decided to write on Siena's sixth birthday!!
Siena and Jasper are my loves. Even though they share the same mother, Tam, they have the most distinct personalities and they are amazingly close. Siena is outgoing and exuberant and Jasper is aloof to everyone except "mommie". They play together for hours and sleep next to each other and if one is gone the other cries until they return. Both love to play catch and would do so for hours if I didn't eventually say "all done" and then they help me pick up all the balls in the yard until the next day. They are both so affectionate and loving and a bit jealous when I am unable to pet them both at the same time or unable to fit them both on my lap and they will let me know it because they are both "talkers".
They bring me to bring so much love and I can't imagine not having them. I am so blessed to have found you at a time when I needed a new family member.

All the best,

Elizabeth Seaboch, Siena, and Jasper

Jasper Son of Tam and Magnum

Siena Daughter of Tam and Kreedyn



Koni and Dan,

We wanted to give you an update on our sweet little girl, Wilma. (AKA M7) She is 6 months old now and I can't tell you how much we love having her. We have never been so popular! Everywhere we go, we get stopped by people wanting to pet her. One of the first thing they say is, "what gorgeous blue eyes" and then next thing is how chill she is for a puppy. She has the best disposition and loves everyone. She loves hanging out with us in the neighborhood and going to dog-friendly patios, getting puppucinnos at Starbucks, wrestling with other dogs, going on hikes and playing soccer or fetch. However, she is a bit of a thief sometimes. She loves our shoes and socks! ha ha

We feel so blessed to have such a great puppy. We always highly recommend your kennel.

All the best,

Charlie and Carrie

Daughter of Macy and Coty 9-18


Thought you might enjoy this pic of Moka. She is doing amazingly well! I know part of that is because she's an Aussie but I think of lot of it has to do with you and how her first 8 weeks were spent. She has had no problems adapting to anything new. She is fine sleeping in her crate with the pink stuffed dog that smells like her mom and litter mates and has a heart beat. It only took about 5 nights of getting up with her to take her out for potty time and then she started sleeping through the night. She also has only had a few inside-the-house potty accidents. I think the way you have the puppies set up in their kennel really helps with that. Thanks again for all you did. We love her to pieces!
Daughter of Dally and Cody 9-18


Hi Koni,
I just wanted to update you on Tobin (I got her from Tilly’s litter in March). She is growing up so fast and is doing great. She is an awesome adventure buddy and loves trying new things. Her favorite thing in the world is chasing a frisbee or ball or anything that moves. She is so smart, she is the star of her puppy class. Here are some pictures of the things she has been up to since she came home with me.
Thank you so much for giving me the best friend ever,
Catherine Island

Daughter of Tilly and Coty 9‑18

HI Koni,
I hope that you are doing well. My name is Garrett Swafford, and I purchased a puppy from you last August. Our little boy (C-3) is from Concho and Giovani's littler. We named him Igby, and he is the best thing that has happened to us. I have attached a few photos for you to see him now. He loves walking along the river and going to the dog park on the weekends. We took him swimming for the first time a few weeks ago (video attached) and he couldn't get enough!
It has been great to see Igby's personality develop over the past year. He is very social and loves to play with other dogs. Igby gets attention nearly everywhere we go. Once someone that was driving pulled over just to meet him. I always recommend you when someone asks where we got him. Igby has met a few other Mini Aussies, and he gets so excited to see another dog like him. One of our neighbors have a 3-month-old mini, and Igby treats her like a little sister.

We would love to have the opportunity to raise another little one.

We can't thank you enough for Igby and hope to hear from you soon.

Son of Concho and Giovani 8-17

Hey Koni,

Just a little update on Henry. He's around 18 pounds and a little over 4 months so I'm not sure how big he's going to be but he's amazing, great personality, extremely smart, and not very destructive. He loves to play fetch and swim and eat. He's learns everything so fast at school I think he gets bored so I also take him to a beginner agility class that he loves. I attached a couple pictures for you.

Thank you Drew Soda Son of Venus and Coty 7-18

Hi Koni!

I took some pictures of Henry today I had to share. He's doing great. We are working toward a therapy dog and loves his weekly agility training. He loves to hike and swim and jump all over the rocks. Anyways, hope you enjoy these pictures.

Best, Drew

Son Venus & Coty 10-18

Hi Koni

It's been quite a while since we sent you an update but I thought it would be nice for you to see how Bella has come on now she is ten months old.

We recently did a road trip across the country to North Carolina and spent time at the beach to visit family. Bella was fabulous on the journey. I attach a couple of pictures for you.

She is a wonderful girl, bit bossy, hates the groomers but is healthy and happy and is developing all the time.

She has definitely changed our lives.

Thank you again

Pauline and Brian

Daughter of Tilly & Coty 7-18

Hi Koni!

Just wanted to give you an update on Penny! She is seriously the love of my life. She gets 2.5 hours of walking a day between me and my cousin. Plus too much play time haha she is really good at fetch, has already learned sit, down, come, and is so close to being fully potty trained! We can't really get far with her in public without people dying to say hi and complimenting how beautiful she is. I have been talking up your breeding program and have had multiple people ask for your website information!

She has been loving hiking and exploring the boulder creek! My vet is so impressed with how healthy she is! At her 12 week check-in, she was 5.8lbs!

I hope you and all your beautiful dogs are doing well!

Much love, Sam Fleck

Daughter of Deja & Coty 7-18

Hi Koni,

Rocky is doing very well. He is for sure a lover!
Our oldest granddaughter graduated from High School this week, so we have had lots of family around.
I don't know if he met kids at your house, but he LOVES our grandkids! He wiggled through a spot between the gate
and the fence, from one yard to another. I was taking individual family pics, and he ran up on the porch and
climbed in our grandson's lap. He was an instant hit so got to be in the family picture.
He's a sweet boy!!

Kevin & Julie Gibb

Son of Desi & Coty 06-18

Just wanted to wish you and your family and all of the furbabies Happy Holidays.
Luna and Kika are doing amazing. They are a bit over a year old now. They have successfully completed level 1 basic puppy classes and are going into level 2.
They have a brother and a sister. They have helped me foster several puppies and are amazing foster sisters. They have their best attitudes. They love walks and going to the dog park.
Attached are a few pics.
Warm Regards,
Felicia, Arlando, Logan, Raven, Luna, and Kika Gilbert

Daughter of Dally and Coty 11-18

Hi Koni!
It's been a little while and I just wanted you to know how the girls are doing. They were both spayed Monday and did well with that. They are learning and growing every day. I have put them into training. First step is socialization. They are little but they think they are big. There are 2 large great danes that live behind us that they love to rile up. Lol. They know basic commands and are learning more every day. Gosh, they are so smart. They are so amazing! Here are some pics that we have taken recently. It's hard to believe they are almost 6 months old!!! Have a great week!!!

05-18 Both daughter of Dally and Coty

Hello Koni!

We hope you are doing great! We just wanted to let you know how much we love Treks. He is tenacious, adventurous, and sweet all at the same time. He goes everywhere with us and LOVES meeting new people. He is also obsessed with the snow so hopefully, he won't miss it too much when the summer comes. He is incredibly smart and loving, and we are so blessed to have him. We are attaching some pictures.

Austin and Briette Herrero
Son of Coty & Tilly 02-18

We just wanted to update you on Harley, who is the daughter of Giovani and Venus. She is now 6-months old and has settled into her new life. She gets one or two super long walks a day (off-leash) and absolutely loves running through the fields near our home! She chases the rabbits and likes to herd the geese near the pond. Harley's very intelligent and has been super easy to train. She's also very fond of bacon, which also makes training a breeze:)

Our three boys adore her and are always chasing and wrestling with her. She's usually laying on the floor next to us and loves to be part of the family. It finally snowed here and she's loving it! She apparently thinks all that snow was put here just for her; we can barely get her back inside the house! Her winter coat is amazing and we are finding her to be a healthy and hardy little dog. Thanks again so much for the addition to our family, she will be loved for years to come!

Jake, Missy, Connor, Caden, and Sam

Daughter of Venus and Giovani 12-17
Her full brother is below Summit


Hi Koni,
Just wanted to send you this cute picture I got today of Summit and Bodhi, along with their brother Lincoln! It's so amazing Summit and Bohdi have the same dad.....Summit is going to be almost twice the size of Bodhi and their personalities are totally different! Bohdi will be a year old in a few weeks and Summit is almost 6 months old.....time sure flies! We just adore them both and hope you're doing well!!
Dana Sentell
Summit ..( black tri) the one on the left
son of Venus & Giovani
Bohdi...(red tri) the one in the middle
son of Tilly & Giovani


Hi Koni,

Hope you're doing well! I just wanted to update you on Maybee; Here are some photos of her! She is the sweetest little girl you will every meet. She is 7 months old now and about 23 pounds. (This last picture attached to this email was taken just last week) She loves to play and loves to cuddle too! She loves being outside and has the best personality; everyday she surprises us with how smart she is. She is so funny, anytime anybody pets her she rolls over to her back as if to say "I prefer you rub my belly" and she is so cute, that works with everybody! We have had a very fun-filled summer with lots of camping, kayaking, and outdoor fun. She brings so much joy to our lives; we're so glad we got her. It is so fun watching her grow and having her as a best friend. Thank you so much for giving us such a great, sweet, little girl. I will have to send you some more pics in a few months!

Thanks again!
Dorina and Brett

Daughter of Deja & Gio 11-17

Hi Koni!
I wanted to give you an update on my sweet, little Harper (daughter of Addie and Gio born on 3/1/2017)!
She just turned 6 months and has turned in to the sweetest little puppy! She loves her older brother, Remy and they spend most of the day playing together. She loves to be outside and going hiking! I took her on her first camping trip over labor day weekend and she did so well! I wasn't sure I'd ever get her back in the car!
She has such a great personality and gets along well with every dog she's ever met! She's a little shy at first with most people but we're working on that. Once she warms up, she's friendly with everyone! She's just over 20 lbs now and is getting spayed today! I think she'll be the perfect size! She's going to start the next level of puppy training in a few months. She did so well during the first round and I think she's already smarter than her 6-year-old brother!
I've attached a few good pictures from the past couple of weeks! Thanks again for such an amazing puppy! She is very loved by so many people already!

Megan Ferguson

Daughter of Addie and Gio 9-17


Koni and Dan,
Our beautiful handsome boy at the lake. I will never forget Dan saying he loved his square face profile. And it's so true! He has such an amazing-shaped face!
He has so much soft hair, it's ridiculous and everyone notices.
He has turned into such an amazing puppy!! About 8 months old. He is smart as a whip and when he looks into your eyes it's as if he's reading your soul. He sticks around, even at the lake with all the distractions. I say come and he does, every time!! 🙂 Good boy!
We love him so very very much and cannot imagine our life without him. Thank you so much for one of your amazing pups! Ukiah Debbie, Chris, and Sean Hanson

Son of Tilly and Gio 9-17


Bella is Ranger mom. Bella is now retired and lives just down the street from Ranger and comes for a visit.

Ruff-Ruff Koni and Dan,

I am having the most wonderful life with my family. I am 9 months old, weigh 30 pounds, and am 17 inches tall. I'm a sturdy guy who loves camping, daily walks, mountain streams, and belly rubs.
I've been to lots of places including Canyonlands, Breckenridge, and mountain meadows and snowfields. I'm a great hiker and recently had a thrilling encounter with a big moose.
I'm really smart and when it's time for a walk, I get my own leash. I do like to sleep upside down which everyone but me thinks is funny. My mom, Bella, lives right down the street and we play together.
I love other dogs, but most of all, I love to meet and play with people. There is nothing better than getting attention and being loved.
The Crosslands

Son of Bella & Giovani 07-17


Hey koni!
It's me, Vicky, I just wanted to update you on my puppy Daisy now that she is 4 months old! She's the best puppy ever. She loves being out and about and she makes us get a really good workout because of it. Everywhere we go we get at least 10 people coming up to us and telling us how beautiful she is. She's so loved and we are so happy to have her! She's going to start puppy socializing classes here soon. We are so in love with her and we cannot believe we've lived without her for so long lol. I've sent some pictures along! In one of the pictures I caught her chewing up some papers and she just gave me that cute mischievous smile!

Daughter of Addie & Giovani 07-17

From time to time we,re-home our adults. We are very picky where they go do to they have been a big part of our family for a number of years and we want only the best for them. We know they would love to have their own people and not have to share the lap time and being loved on we are very lucky and blessed to have great people that may not want a puppy but wanting one of our adults for a new family member.


Hey Koni,

Goldie, from Tilly and Giovani litter, is about to be one on Thursday 4/7! This past year has been so wonderful. She is very well behaved and fits in perfectly with our family.

Also, she gets to see her half-sister, Bodhi (from Penny and Giovani's litter), every week. They love each other so much. Goldie even got to stay with her over Christmas and they got too dirty at the dog park and Demi had to give them a bath. We love them!

Thank you for giving us the sweetest and cutest pup. Tell Tilly and Giovanni Goldie says hi!

Whitney Thomas
Daughter of Tilly & Giovani


Bodhi is in the back & Goldie is in the front

This is something that is very special to us not only do we get the joy of these puppies for the first 8 weeks of their life but we also get to watch them bring the joy to their new family. The one thing I have been getting to enjoy now is watching the friendships that have developed between my puppy buyers as in Demi and Whitney. We are very blessed.


Hi Koni!

Bodhi just turned one a few days ago so I thought we would send you an update. She is the perfect addition to our home and has made us into a little family, we love her so much! She stands about 16" tall from the shoulder to the ground and weighs 22 lbs. She has a very soft coat that sheds… everyday ;-). Bodhi is a very well-behaved girl, slightly timid with strangers but she warms up very quickly. She is submissive with other dogs but plays well once she has been around them for awhile. She also loves cats! She has stayed with my sister on many occasions and loves playing with her three cats. My sister tells me she is very gentle with them and they actually sleep together! Many people have told us that Bodhi is very calm for an aussie. She isn't much of a barker and her favorite activity is snuggling and getting belly rubs. She could lay in bed all day if we let her but she could also get out of bed and run a marathon. She is a staple part of our family and we couldn't thank you enough for bringing her into our lives.

With love,
Demi & Tom
Daughter of Penny & Giovani 4-17


Hi Koni,
Just wanted to send you an update on our beautiful girl, Bodhi. When we first picked her out of Penny's litter, we knew we would love her. However, we didn't know that we would love her this much! She is happiest little pup and we don't know what we did to deserve such a good girl.
She turned 13 weeks old yesterday and we took her up to Evergreen Lake to canoe and she did great (see photo). We can't wait until she gets her 'big girl shots' and can go explore the real mountains with us. She enjoys any task that we've thrown at her and so far knows how to come, sit, lay down, stay, rollover, and paws up! All by 13 weeks! We are excited to start her obedience training next month. We like to think she's a genius but we know we have to give credit to the amazing breed and breeder 😉
Along with being extremely smart, she stops people in their tracks. Yesterday while waiting outside of a restaurant, she managed to get the whole restaurant crew to come outside and meet her/take pictures.
Potty training was also a breeze and she hasn't had an accident for weeks! Well, that is partially a lie… She does piddle a little from excitement when we get home from work but we don't count that :o) Anyways, we just wanted to update you and thank you for bringing her into our lives. She is the best companion and makes us smile every day.
Demi & Tom
Daughter of Penny & Giovan 6-16

Kiwi all grown up

Hi Koni!
First of all I could not be happier with this pup you paired me with. The bond I share with Kiwi could not happen with any other dog. Kiwi loves being active, stays with me when I am mountain biking without a leash and she is the perfect size to fit in my backpack when I go for long rides. Every day she goes to work with me and is patient when I have a long day.
For fun we climb 14000 ft tall mountains and ride ATVs in MOAB Utah, there is no adventure too great for my pup. When we get home she is content snuggling in my lap or at my feet. Kiwi is very gentle with other dogs with almost mother like tendencies but also able to keep up with the big dogs at the dog park. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your dogs! She is so much like her mamma Deja and I cant wait to bring her back for a visit next time I make a trip up north.
Sending Love,
Kiwi and Branden

Daughter of Deja and Giovani 3-17

Hi Koni,

We sure love having the three pups now. Zelda has been the perfect addition to our family. She is a very funny dog - so playful and loving, and she just loves to follow the other dogs around and learn from them. She is quite a character. Zelda is learning so quickly - and we always say what a good dog she is becoming. She really seems so grown up, for only 6 months old! Housetraining, crate training, and using the dog door have all been smooth lessons for her. She really adapts so well and is eager to be a good dog. We do laugh because she has become brave enough to try to be a guard dog when people walk by the back fence… she tries out her little dig bark. : )

Zelda loves to go for walks or out & about to explore. The kids at school love to see her at dismissal time. She really fits right into our family - and we are so thankful for that!

She just recently started chasing a ball and protecting it - and keeping it all for herself. Her fur has gotten so fluffy, and she loves to warm herself up all winter by sleeping in a sunny spot of the family room. Her favorite trick is t shake our high five us. She also hops up on the couch with us and cuddles up. What a sweet dog. Thank you for her!

Colorado Springs, CO

Daughter of Deja & Giovani 3-17

Hello Koni and Dan!

We wanted to let you know that little Kali has been the greatest pup and addition to our family. She's almost 10 months old now and weighs about 18 lbs, and this little lady is our world. We got her spayed right at 6 months. She's just as sassy as Dan thought she would be and is very motivated by treats and toys! She learned to sit and lay down on command four days after we brought her home and was potty trained within three weeks. She loves hide and go seek, playing with her ball, and running with any other dogs that will run with her. We really feel so lucky to have her. She's got a ton of energy but we go to the park every day rain or shine and throw the ball or frisbee, so as long as we keep that up, she does great! She loves the snow and when she knows that it's out there, she has a hard time being okay with hanging out inside. Thank you both for giving us this beautiful girl - we love her more than we ever knew was possible.

Best wishes to you and the pups at home,
Garrett, Britanie, & Kali

Daughter of Bella & Giovani 1-17


Hello Koni,

This is Chris and Tia Bowen we had got Challenger from you guys three years ago. We just wanted to keep in touch and show you what a wonderful dog she has become and how much we love her and really appreciate you for letting us come out and pick her out. Here are just a few pictures of what she looks like today. She is such a wonderful playful and loving dog. Thanks

Chris and Tia
Daughter of Deja & Kreedyn 1-17


Hello Koni!

Just wanted to send you an update on Miss Nova. She is 5 months (23lbs) now and is the smartest and most beautiful pup we have ever had. Nova thoroughly enjoys the dog parks, loves to socialize with other dogs, and gets a lot of attention from others! She is such a fast and athletic pup and LOVES to jump high and play fetch. Nova is the light of our lives and I just wanted to thank you again for this beautiful girl. The picture attached was taken last weekend at the Westminster Hills Dog Park. It's her absolute favorite place to go!

Hope you are well!
Xoxo Sarah and Shaun 03/17


Nova all grown up now what a pretty girl

Hi Koni,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Nova!! As you can see in the picture attached that she is growing so fast and is the smartest little pup I've ever had. Nova has the biggest personality, is great around other dogs and children. She is in the teething stage and loves to chew on mommy's shoes! Lol. Nova also loves to dig holes in the dirt and bury her nose. So cute. She has quickly learned how to sit, lay down, and roll over. Shaun and I love her and are having so much fun raising her. Nova goes for another check-up tomorrow so I'll let you know how much she weighs then. Hope you both are doing well and enjoying this beautiful Fall weather!!

Talk to you soon.
-Sarah, Shaun, and Nova
Daughter of Deja & Giovani 11-16

Hello Koni,

We are reaching out a little late but wanted to thank you for the most amazing dog! Yaycee is now a year and four months old and is the daughter of Classy, She only weighs 14lbs and makes the perfect travel-sized hiking buddy. She fits in a carry-on and has flown all over the US with us, (We are working on a pet passport)! She is the best hiking buddy around and has proven to love all of the seasons; we can't keep her out of the snow or the water! Thank you for providing the absolute smartest fur baby imaginable!

Much Love, Alarie and Torstein Horgmo
Daughter of Classy & Magnum 11-16

Hi Koni, thanks for reaching out. I've been meaning to send you some pictures and videos of Kona. The little nugget turns 7 months on Monday and she is WONDERFUL. We love her to pieces, she's the sweetest dog in the history of dogs. She loves to snuggle and if she isn't getting enough attention, she will jump up on you until she gets her snuggles. At the same time, she is so good about playing with her toys and chewing on her bones (she's quite self-entertaining for the most part). She still has the hoof you sent home with us and still chews on it!

She loves all people, all dogs, and all horses, she is SO friendly! She's finished her first round of puppy training and can sit, lay down, shake, stay and come. She starts intermediate classes on November 3rd and then we want to take her to an agility class (wait until you see the video I am sending via text!). She got spayed last week and is healing great. She has her final post-surgery check next Tuesday. She is so well-behaved, we get compliments all the time when we take her out. She sits to be petted and she even goes shopping with us and gets treats at all the stores in Cherry Creek. She only chews her toys in the house, she leaves everything else alone (it's kind of a miracle). 🙂

She LOVES riding in the car and hangs out the window with her feet on the side view mirror, it's hilarious! She is definitely a mama's girl, but I'm okay with that. She is going to start going to doggy daycare a couple days a week so she can get more interaction with her dog friends and expend more energy. 4 walks a day and she's still ready to go, ha!

I will text you some pictures and video. We still think we might get her a friend at some point, but maybe in a year or so. We will keep you posted.

Oh and she weighs 22.8 pounds and is about 18 inches at her back, 22 at her head. We think she is going to be smaller than her mom and dad.


Daughter of Macy & Giovani 10-16


Hey ma'am it's James. I have been overseas a lot lately. Harley is now 8 months and doing awesome. I measured Harley today from her paw to the shoulder. And she is 15 inches tall. When it comes to her personality, she is very loving and loyal. She is very wary of strangers and protective of us. She will bark at adults that she doesn't know but when it comes to children she doesn't know she is fine. She loves to play ball and she goes with us everywhere. She's not much of a barker but she is a very sassy girl. If things don't go her way she definitely lets us know. She "talks" to us a lot when she wants something. I have attached some pictures of her from a few months ago and till now. Sorry again I haven't emailed you, it has slipped my mind with going overseas constantly.

The Bruhl Family
Daughter of Tam & Giovani 9-16
(You will find Harley brother below)

Hi Koni!

I just wanted to send you a couple pictures and update you on our Lil' Scout. He was one of three of Gio's and Tam's pups born last January. Our Scout has been the best dog we could ever ask for. He is spoiled and well-loved. We've been in obedience training classes with him, and he's always the star. He loves running in and out of the house through the doggie door. I have never loved anything more than this Lil' Scout. He follows me everywhere, too, which is just super wonderful.
We're hoping we can adopt again from you around Christmas time. We definitely want to keep in touch, as we love you and Dan and all that you do for those pups.


Christina Doerr

(Scouts sister is in the above post)

Son of Tam & Giovani 9-16



Thought you might like to see a picture of sweet Kiah on her 1-year-old birthday. She is beautiful, a little shy comes to work with me most days. Loves the cats, bonded well with our standard Aussie. She just barely hit miniature status -she measures 15 3/4 inches at shoulder. Bob calls her little red rocket.

Carol Noller
Daughter of Addie & Magunum 7-16


Hi Koni,
River is almost 8 months now and has been such an amazing girl to us! She is intelligent, loyal, and fun-spirited, not to mention incredibly sweet. We are so lucky to have such a great girl in our family. She has helped our Sheltie, Parker, rediscover his playful side again. They play constantly and even snuggle with each other after our excursions up in the mountains. Her best buds are Parker, a Pug named Ernie, a Pointer named Dannie, and an Anatolian Shepherd, Louie. They are all cousins and see each other almost every weekend and love exploring, wrestling, and chasing balls together.
We absolutely love her, she has the warmest heart and we couldn't be happier. She is going to start taking some herding lessons soon and we can't wait for all the adventures ahead of us!
Andrew & Whitney Amaro
Daughter of Concho & Giovani 6-16


Hi Koni and Dan,
Just wanted to send you a quick note and some pictures of Rocky. He is so great, so smart, and of course like any boy, a lil naughty too.
We are enjoying his company so much and our older Aussie LOVES him. They are the best buddies ever.
I really do think that Rocky would be so good at agility, so we might explore that.
We love him so much and are so happy.
April A Edquist
Son of Deja & Giovani 5-16

Hi Koni,

Just wanted to tell you how we love our puppy we have gotten from you. He is over a year now and is an amazing dog. So sweet and loving. We are so glad that he has landed in our family. He has grown up to be a handsome young fellow and is extremely smart. He definitely has grown into our family. Here is a picture of Oscar
The Biehl Family,
And if you wanted to know, Elissa wrote this email.
Thanks from:
Beth, Greg, Kyle(16) Elissa(12), Luke(6 1/2) Son of Classy & Kreedyn 4-16


Hi Koni,

My little girl is almost a year old! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for my angle and give you an update... she is a petite girl only weighing about 20 Lbs. she is playful, super smart, and very vocal! She has a heart of gold and she truly makes my life better every day! Hers is a picture of her!! Her name is Naya and she was the daughter of Hemi and Concho 2/24/2015

Naya full sister is in the below letter and picture
Daughter of Concho & Hemi 2-16

Hey Koni,

Rue is very stranger friendly. She loves everyone but will bark if she hears a dog barking outside in the distance. She is also very submissive and instantly rolls on her back if another dog is more dominant. She loves everyone so much. When we take her to the park she wants to greet every jogger, person, or bike rider. We couldn't ask for a sweeter or more tolerant dog. She loves to cuddle and cries when new people come to our house because she is so excited to see them. We have another Aussie from a breeder is California and she is very hesitant when it comes to strangers and people coming in our home. It is nice that our dog from you isn't like that.

Thank you for checking in,
Daughter of Concho & Hemi 3-16

Hi Koni,

I just wanted to update you on our red Merle girl (Rue) that we picked up from you on April 22, 2015. She is amazing and the sweetest dog that we could ever ask for. She is a little over 8 months old now, and our 2 year old blue Merle (Ivy) absolutely loves Rue!

Thank you so much for everything,
Daughter of Concho & Hemi 11-15


Hi Koni- Here are some pictures of Henry swimming at Chatfield Dog Park. He is not the most confident swimmer ( he get nervous when he feet cant touch anymore), but Loves bringing back huge sticks 🙂 along with him at the dog park laying in the cool spot in front of the water bowl!

Allison Greene
Son of Kail & Kreedyn 12-16


Hi Koni
Henry is my furry child so I take a ton of pics of him and he is so photogenic 🙂 Merry Christmas to you as well. Henry is so smart and has the Best personality! He can get any dog to play with him (old or young) and his doggie daycare that I take him to said that he is awesome at calming down dogs that are new to daycare and shy. Every person that he meets falls in love with him. I work at MSU Denver and bring him to work occasionally with me, I have had people chase us down on campus to say Hi to him. He loves people and playing and is such a happy dog! I have to Thank you because my life would not be the same without him 🙂
Son of Kali & Kreedyn 9-15

Dear Koni,

Today marks one year since we got Nelie May from you all. She is a sweetheart, and we love her so much! She is a talker, likes long walks and takes good care of her older brother Garrett. She is my constant companion, and wakes me each morning by putting her paws around my neck to wake me up. Thank you so much for allowing us to get her.

Linda Mann
Daughter of Classy & Kreedyn 8-15

My daughter Robin and I were just looking at your website and thought we should send an update.

Cooper is doing very well, and is a very healthy 4-year-old. We live west of Seattle now, in a small town on the Kitsap Peninsula with a great dog park we visit nearly every day. This picture is from last fall of him there with his sister, Calli. She is a husky mix that we adopted out of a rescue group that goes to Mexico. He's a smart boy, independent, loving, but likes his space and doesn't tolerate butt sniffing very well. Can't say that I blame him.

We hope you are well. The puppies look wonderful!

Best wishes to you and yours,
Carrie, Robin and Cooper Daniel
Son of Concho and Hemi 5‑19

Dear Ms. Koni and Mr. Dan,

I celebrated my birthday today. I'm a year old! I thought you might like to know how I'm doing.
I'm very healthy and happy, and I have long feathers on all my legs and rear end. I like to play in the park with my friends, but I like to spend time most of all with my girlfriend, Bella. She lives just up the street and I get very excited when I see her. She's about a month older than I am, and she's a beautiful black lab mix. I also like to eat my family's underwear, and today they gave me a stuffed raccoon. I tore it to shreds! I must confess I got into trouble with Mr. Henry, our neighbor, because I bark too much, but what's a dog to do when Tyler, a Schnauzer, lives across the street and wants to talk?
Anyway, I'm doing fine and love my family a lot. They will send you a few more pictures of me.
Thank you for giving me a great start in life.
Cooper James Daniel
Son of Concho & Hemi 2-16

Dear Gma and Gpa Bock,
I turned one on the 12th. I went to doggie daycare and played with all of my friends so it was a good birthday 🙂
I'm such a big girl now. I'm still working on getting trained but I'm a really good puppy and everyone loves me. I go places with my mom as much as possible. This weekend was my first camping and boating adventure. I had soooo much fun. It was my first time swiming. I was kind of clumsy but figured it out. Mom and I got to sleep in a tent and we relaxed by campfires.

I'm happy and life is good. Hope all of my brothers and sisters are finding good homes too.

Love Amber Lynn ♡
Daughter of Deja & Kreedyn 6-15

Hi Koni,
I wanted to send you an updated picture I took on Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny delivered a present to Paisley inside of a big egg 🙂

Paisley will be four months this weekend and I just wanted to let you know how much joy and happiness she has brought into my son's life. They are bonded in a very special way. Paisley is turning out to be a great, great dog and is now an integral part of our family. We are in week 2 of puppy classes at Petsmart. She goes everywhere with us! A few weeks ago we took her on a car ride to Florida to visit my oldest daughter in college and she did amazingly well. She loved the beach but is still hesitant about the ocean waves 🙂 Everywhere we go, people are smitten with her, an we feel so lucky to say she's our little girl 🙂

Hope all is well. Thanks for such a great pet!

Wendy McDevitt and family
Daughter of Lola & Kreedyn 4-15

Dear Koni,

I have now had sweet little Moe for three years and he has changed my life for the better! As you know my parents (Rob and Mel) grew to love Moe so much, they took care of him for me while I went abroad and now they cannot wait to have an aussie of their own! My Dad mentioned that I should send you some pictures so you could see Moe all grown up. He still clowns around true to his original name and is such a sweet boy. Moe and my cat Apollo are best pals.

Hope all is well,
I can't wait to meet the family's new puppy eventually!
Son of Sky & Kreddyn 2-15


Hi Koni and Dan,
We got Charlotte last August and she has just been the best thing for Brad and I since we brought her home! She is full of energy and is just so loving, in fact she LOVES meeting new people, which we could not be more happy about. She loves going for a ride in the car and will pace by the door when we ask her if she wants to go bye bye and we are taking too long to put shoes on! She is also definitely our little guard puppy. When she hears a noise outside, she starts growing and pacing between the door and the couch making sure we are protected. It is still so hard to believe that she was supposed to be a toy because she now weighs 21 pounds! I think in about a year or so, we probably will be coming back to get her a brother 🙂
Thank you again so much!!
Holli & Brad
Daughter or Classy and Kreedyn, 1-15

Hi Koni,
I just wanted to say hello and let you know that Cody, our little red merle we adopted in August, is doing wonderful. He is truly our baby, and I am so incredibly thankful for him.
Attached is a picture with the family on Thanksgiving, and then a picture of him in his new harness from a few weeks ago. Isn't he handsome!:) He is so smart, sweet, fun, and well‑behaved.
Thanks again for bringing him into our life. I hope that you are doing well and enjoying those puppies!!
I wanted to mention that at some point, we would like to expand our family and get Cody a big sister. He just loves playing with other dogs so much (especially other Aussies) and I think we would all enjoy the company of another. We are looking for an older dog who needs a home (and would do well in the metro area), so if you happen to hear about a special gal needing a new home, feel free to send them to us so we can learn more!
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and happy new year! 2014 was truly a wonderful year because of Cody. Thank you for being such a big part of that.
Karen, Scot, and Cody
Son of Lola & Kreedyn 12-29-14

Hey there!
Just wanted to let you guys know how things were going with Haxton. He's getting so big so quickly and is incredibly smart. he's about ten plus pounds now and is the cutest thing ever. He is definitely the light of the home and we are very grateful for him. Hope yall have a great holiday. And maybe we'll see you again next year!
Kyle Baker

Son of Tam & Kreedyn 11-14


Maggie at 18 months
I couldn't ask for a better dog. I can't believe she was so small and now she's 34 lbs. She chews up underwear and tissues left on the floor, but she is loyal as the day is long. I am the alpha but she loves our daughter. Oh did I mention how awesome she is with kids. She loves them all and her favorite part is either walking to the bus stop and playing tag with the kids or when we have a bunch to the house. She chases everyone around :). Its funny that she acts like an earth dog. She has killed a few pocket gophers and of course brought them in for sport. She also loves to chase rabbits.
Couldn't imagine life without her!!!
Thanks so much!!!!!
Julie Predmore
Daughter of Kail & Kreedyn 10-27-14


Hi Koni, I just need to tell you I think of you everyday because we love this puppy so much. He is so sweet, smart, loyal and fluffy. I can't believe how perfect he is .smartest dog I've ever had a great temperament. What a great breed and dog. We bring him to school everyday and all the kids know him and we always have a crowd who want to pet him. He is pure joy. So, thank you SO much.

Son of Tam & Kreedyn 9‑30‑14