All of my adult dogs have to be tested before breeding them some of the females are carriers of MRD1. I use Canine Health Check for my testing. My males must be 100% clear for me to use them in my breeding program.

Wyatt- is now our only male. He is 100% clear on the 150 genetic tests. and is registered with the ASDR, Wyatt is a red tri with 2 blue eyes wide head, and a short muzzle he is a little tank. He is 13 inches tall and around 22 lbs.  Wyatt every size from  12-15 1/2 inches tall and in the 15-27 lb range for puppy size once grown.

Wyatt is always ready to go and has a bubbly personality. I love his puppies we have mostly blue eyes any more which is icing on the cake and happy to see you personality which I think we all love.

Our dogs not only help us make a living but they are what put a smile on our face daily.
I could not imagine my life without my dogs. Our dogs have it pretty hard around here. Chase rabbit, play in the snow, hang out in the shade and watch us go about our daily chores. They love going to town and when we go they all go. We take our dogs into the store that will allow it and try to do as much one on one time as we can. They all take turns staying in the house at night.

" A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself "