Enjoying Retirement

From time to time we, re-home our adults. We are very picky where they go do to they have been a big part of our family for a number of years and we want only the best for them.  We know they would love to have their own people and not have to share the lap time and being loved on we are very lucky and blessed to have great people that may not want a puppy but wanting one of our adults for a new family member.

Two dogs standing in the snow with their heads turned.
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We are lucky to have three of Koni's retired dogs in our friend group! Coty (retired in Oct 2019), Penny (retired May 2019), and Gus (retired June 2020) all live in Colorado and are the absolute BEST dogs. Coty and I live in Summit County where he goes skiing, mountain biking, and camping with me. He's surprisingly fast, even with his short legs 🙂 He's the most loving and loyal dog and does everything with me. In the past few years, we've traveled to Vermont, Montana, New Mexico, and all over Colorado!

We see Penny in Boulder and Gus in Edwards - both dogs live right in the mountains. Gus loves his German Shepherd best friend Rockie, and has become an awesome trail dog! He gets to tag along on mountain bike rides and trail runs in the Vail Valley almost every day. Penny loves her life in Boulder and spends her free time hiking and napping 🙂 She travels to Vermont throughout the year to visit her family's farm and play in the Green Mountains.

We can't say thank you enough!

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Hope you guys are doing well! Coty is currently napping underneath my desk while I work. We went on a long hike this morning and he played in the river near my house - slowly warming up to swimming!
I brought Coty home after he was retired, and he's been the best thing that's ever happened to me. We do everything together - he comes to my office every day, and runs, hikes, camps, and has even learned to ski with me! He's the sweetest, most loyal, and loving dog. He's very trusting and adores meeting new people - it's very obvious that he lived a wonderful life with Koni and Dan before he came to me. Lately, we've been doing a lot more hiking, and he's chased me around on a few mellow mountain bike rides too! Thanks for giving me my best friend.

Coty retired in 11-19

Hi, Well, Thought I would give you an update on Cassy (we decided to call her Cassy) before your new litters arrive! She is doing so well.....she loves her walk in the morning and rides (we take her on one every day, if possible!) I wish you could see how excited she gets when we ask her if she wants to go for a ride or walk. (I tried to send a video, but it was too big) She is comfortable going over to my Mom's, sister's, and daughter's houses now and is getting used to their dogs. She doesn't play with them, but she is comfortable with them.

She has taken ownership of "her" backyard. She barks at strangers outside, and she walks the perimeter before we go to bed. Of course, she sleeps with us! 😉 She is a wonderful, little dog; we love her so much. We are so glad she is ours. Thank you.

🙂 Linda and Dave
AKA Classy 06-11-17

We Have Been Blessed To Have Not One, but Two of Koni’s Retired Dogs.

We have had Kali for two years. There is no question that she is a daddy’s girl. She will follow him everywhere and even has to sleep by his side at night. In February we were lucky enough to get Zoe. She is attached to momma. She won’t let mom out of her sight and loves to give cuddles to anyone who will let her. Zoe has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Kali and Zoe are extremely spoiled and aren’t considered dogs...they are our children. The girls love car rides, greeting people in the tax/bookkeeping office, helping in the pasture with our goats, being outside, and visiting family. They have added so much happiness to our lives and we truly don’t know what we would do without them.

Nick and Kim Kali and Zoe 09-2019
​Kail and Zoe are a couple of our retired girls

Hi Koni,

I’ve had a lot of dogs in my lifetime, and by far, Kreed is the most incredible one ever. Rich keeps asking me how we got so lucky. Attached are some photos. Keep in mind, we don’t spoil him at all. We never snuggle with him, we never play, tickle or allow him in our bed, and we did not buy him a Denver Broncos name tag. And, yes, I’m totally lying. 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Simone & Rich Kreedyn was the male that got us started 02-2015